Presentazione piano di studio

Each student must present at least one plan of study before applying for graduation.

To graduate, students must have passed all courses included in their latest approved plan of study. If, at the time of applying for graduation the courses indicated in the plan of study do not correspond to those actually passed, the student cannot graduate.

When and how to present it

The Programme Structure of each degree programmes indicates the programme year (2nd, 3rd or 4th year) in which the student must present a plan of study. In any case, students can access UNIMIA to find out whether they must submit a plan of study and the deadline for submission.

For all bachelor's, master's and single cycle degrees, the plan of study is submitted online by accessing online services from UNIMIA.

Once the plans of study are submitted - starting the day after the deadline - those that satisfy the curricular requirements set out in the degree programme regulations are automatically approved by the system, unless otherwise provided for by the relevant Course Coordination Committee.

The student may also add elective courses to the plan of study. Whether the selected courses are coherent with the course of study, for cases in which it is not already established by the degree programme Regulations, is assessed on a case-by-case basis by the relevant Course Coordination Committee.

Only approved plans of study are entered into the student's academic record.

For certain degree programmes in Law, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Science and Technology, Political, Economic and Social Sciences and the Humanities, the plan of study must be submitted in accordance with specific procedures and deadlines. Contact InformaStudenti for more information.

Online services
Selezione corsi a scelta e loro inserimento nel Piano degli Studi

Il Piano di studi dovrà prevedere la scelta di un curriculum e l’indicazione degli insegnamenti a scelta dello studente per un totale di 12 CFU. Gli insegnamenti opzionali possono essere scelti in piena libertà tra tutti gli insegnamenti attivati, proposti dall’Ateneo, purché coerenti con il progetto formativo e i cui contenuti si differenzino da quelli di corsi già frequentati. Una lista indicativa dei corsi ammissibili è a disposizione degli iscritti nel documento allegato.